Sunday, February 18, 2007


Founded in 1997 by Chris Larsen, E-Loan, Inc. was established to provide customers with access to mortgage loans over the Internet.

As the company continued to evolve, more products and enhancements were introduced. In 1998, E-LOAN launched E-Track, a proprietary system that allows borrowers to securely check the status of their loans online.

In 2000, E-LOAN became the first company to provide consumers with free access to their credit scores, allowing customers to check for possible incidents of identity theft or erroneous entries of credit debt. This was introduced at a time when many financial companies were reluctant to release this information.

Buoyed by this success, but still determined to improve public credit disclosures throughout the nation, Larsen helped form “Californians for Privacy Now” to lead the fight for stricter financial privacy protection. After collecting over 600,000 signatures, the measure was placed on the California ballot and passed into law in 2003.

Ownership of the company changed in 2005 when Popular, Inc. acquired E-Loan, Inc.

In 2006, E-LOAN branched out into online savings accounts and CDs, promising their CD rates would be among the highest in the nation.


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